Transfer Credit Awarded

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Transfer Credit Awarded (TCA) builds on a 2019 pilot and is an annual provincial data collection for participating Alberta Learner Pathways System (LPS) member institutions. The vision for TCA is to measure the average number of transfer credits being awarded for unique students in Alberta’s Transfer and Pathways System, and begin to address Alberta’s transfer credit awarded provincial information data gap to support learners. TCA will assist in understanding more about transfer students as they move in the system, and inform best practices and future goals for the system.

TCA will track how much transfer credit each “TO” institution (institution receiving a transfer student) awarded to students for courses, blocks of courses, or credentials taken at “FROM” institutions (institutions where a student previously completed coursework prior to transfer), both inside and outside Canada. The TCA data set will also include a data field for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Credit Awarded, tracking PLAR credit granted by “TO” institutions for informal, non-formal, or experiential learning that could be used toward a course(s) or credential.

Data collected for the TCA data set will be provided via a Data Collection and Reporting (DCaR) TCA module once a year for the previous, completed academic year’s TCA data. Data submissions are made following completion of the academic year (see TCA Definitions, end of academic year = after institution’s fiscal year end).

Applicable institutions will compile their 2021-22 academic year TCA data submission according to their institution's fiscal year start and end dates, such as May 1 - April 30 or July 1 - June 30. Institutions will submit their TCA XML file estimated on or before March 15, 2023 for this year's data submission.

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TCA Guiding Principles (vision, goal, guiding principles, data questions), User Guide (data elements and submission information), Data Dictionary (terms, definitions, data caveats), and TCA XML Samples (two possible approaches to construct your file) and TCA XML Schema are provided for the TCA data set. This information has been collaboratively developed with LPS member institutions, including Strategic Contact Persons. Further refinements to TCA documentation may occur, informed by institution implementation and Ministry updates.

TCA Guiding Principles

TCA User Guide

TCA Data Dictionary

TCA XML Sample - Student Records Grouped under their ASN 

TCA XML Sample - Student Records Listed by Repeating their ASN

TCA XML Schema