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About the Committee

The Dual Credit Articulation Committee fosters closer collegial relationships and enhanced communication among dual credit partners (institutions, secondary, business/industry), helping to facilitate learner pathways, student mobility and greater integration within the transfer system and in the field/discipline of dual credit. At the request of the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT), the committee provides recommendations or specific deliverables related to pathways, including admissions and transfer, in the discipline, including:

  • Providing a forum for exchanging information and enhancing collaboration and coordination among institutions that provide dual credit instruction.
  • Promoting dual credit courses and program equivalency, where appropriate.
  • Addressing learner pathways and admissions issues related to secondary to post-secondary articulation and business/industry articulation, where appropriate.
  • Clarifying differences and similarities among various partnerships’ dual credit courses and programs, with the aim of assisting future post-secondary students in planning their studies.
  • Assisting in development of transfer agreements between institutions delivering dual credit courses and programs.


Rozlynn Wick (Co-Chair)

Monica Edwards (Co-Chair)